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A Plethora of Paint Party Possibilities

You have heard of paint parties and you may have even attended one. But you might not have realized how many different ways there are are to have one. Let's check out a few of the possibilities!

In-Home or Private Paint Parties

What could be better than painting in the comfort of your home with a few of your closest friends and family? You can provide whatever food and drinks you like, and we come to you with all the supplies needed to create something great! Well, everything except the tables and chairs.

If you don't think you have enough room in your house, maybe your church or neighborhood clubhouse would let you use their space! Or maybe the weather is nice and you can host a party in your backyard or garage. The possibilities are endless! We offer parties for both kids and adults!

Restaurant or Other Venue Parties

A paint party at a restaurant or bar can be a great way to support local businesses and bring in people on a night that might not normally be very busy. We do all the paint work, including setup and cleanup, and the guests purchase drinks and foods throughout the event.

Because these venues are usually busier on the weekends, it's best to have these events on a weeknight. A coffee shop or hotel could be a great option as well!

Some venues will have a banquet or party room. This is great to keep the party in one spot and maybe crank up the music. Also, your painting will always look better after a few drinks!

Virtual Paint Parties

Virtual paint parties became quite popular starting in 2020, when it was the only way people could get together!

However, there are plenty of reasons to do them now! Maybe you have friends and family out of state, but want to find a fun way to get together with them. Or maybe you want to do a team building event for your coworkers that might not all live in the same area! And hey, if you want to paint in your pajamas, you certainly can and you don't have to clean your house to have people over!

If you want to provide your own supplies, we can provide a supply list and suggested colors. OR you can always purchase a full kit with everything you need!

Art Kits/ Video Tutorial Parties

A similar idea to the virtual party, but maybe you want to paint alone on your own time, or even with some friends but want to take your time. This could also be a great date night or family night.

Also similar to the virtual party, I can supply a kit and video link, or a supply list and written instructions! And this way, you can pause and go back if you need to.

Art Bar/ Art Pop-Up Event

What is an Art Bar?! Think DIY, only #antiDIY, because friends don’t let friends art alone! How easy is it to host an Art Bar? So easy! Invite a few friends, prepare simple snacks, and let the fun begin! Your Gallery Guide will bring the paint, hammer, glue and all supplies needed to put the ART in your pARTy! With simple step-by-step instructions and the personal guidance of your Guide, you and your friends will have crafting success! It’s better than DIY, it’s #antiDIY because friends don’t let friends art alone! Perfect for private events, corporate team building and more!

This is a great event to host at your business, and people can come and go and do as many projects as they have time for!

At this type of event, we can offer a variety of craft stations, which could be anything from canvas to wood slices, tile crafts, string art, maybe even candles or jewelry. The possibilities are endless!

Corporate or Team Building Events

Any of the above options can be done for your corporate group as well! Virtual, in-person, Art Bar, or kits!

And don't forget, it's not all about canvas! How about wood projects, ceramics and other crafts? We do that too!

Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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