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Canvas Painting 101, Part 4- Color Your World

What has always fascinated me about paints and canvas painting is the way you can blend them to create new colors.  I've spent hours experimenting with my palette, mixing three primary colors to produce a variety of shades. It's like unwrapping a present to see the result of each color combination. After a while, my palette resembles a blooming English garden, complete with exotic birds.

Stunning portraits and eye-catching canvases are frequently produced using color. However, this doesn't always have to be the case. Portraits can be equally striking when created without color. Black and white always capture attention.

You are the creator of the world on your canvas.  You can have it as simple or complex as you wish.  You can have it be formal or funny. Create your world on the canvas as you wish - simple or complex, formal or humorous. If you prefer black and white, go for it. If you prefer color, go all out. Let go and enjoy the process of creation.

Do not ever worry about whether something looks right or not.  As one professional art  teacher always stated, there are never any mistakes on the canvas, just happy accidents.

When painting, remember to keep dark colors in the shadows. This allows darker shades to serve as a base for lighter ones, creating a shadow effect. If you cover the entire dark area with lighter color, adding the dark background becomes irrelevant.

The saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is especially true in the art world. I'm not interested in owning a Picasso. To be honest, I prefer Norman Rockwell's style. In the realm of art, there should be something for everyone, which makes it an exciting adventure. Everyone can shine in their own way.

Using colors can transform a forest into a fall setting. They are also responsible for making certain portraits stand out more than others. For example, Thomas Kinkade has emerged as one of the leading artists of this decade. He employs lighting and a warm color scheme to craft a canvas that is inviting to the viewer.

Never underestimate what colors can do to an image.  Always remember your lighting as well. Stay tuned for our final post in this series!

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